Wednesday, April 7, 2010

VS2010 : Even The Basic ASP.NET Web App Looks Slick and Complete

No doubt, Visual Studio 2010,  to be officially released next week (12th April, 2010) is loaded with lots of new features.  We would like to share about some nifty features we liked as we discover.

Here is one to start with. Its about the new and improved ASP.NET Web Application template. When you create a project with ASP.NET Web application template in Visual Studio 2008 or any earlier editions, all you get is a Single Empty Page web application.


But with Visual Studio 2010, even the basic ASP.NET Web Application looks quite stylish, slick and sexy.


Now the template includes a cool Style, Pages needed for basic Account Management (Register, Login, Change Password), a Default Home page with a Master Template enriched with Navigation and added some introductory text on pages. The app also include jQuery library and associated VS Metadata file to support Intellisense for jQuery library. It even includes the Global.asax file.


That means, when you create a new project template, its in fact almost ready for deployment as your first draft version of an application. Just hook your database, add some context to your application, you can start accepting memberships too.

Not that doing any of those above is difficult, but having them as default in the template, saves time, give that ‘rapid’ development a new feather and makes us like VS2010 even more.

PS: If you haven’t signed up for the VS2010 Virtual Launch Event, go ahead and signup now.

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