Sunday, July 31, 2011

Web Page Test Results for

Curious with the announcement of Google’s page speed service, We ran the Web Page Test on  It appears, little surprisingly,  if we follow ‘thumb rules’ of optimization for web pages, the optimized site may actually run slower than the current version.


The page load time is actually worse on the optimized version of the site.  You may check full results of the test here. I will take a look at detailed analysis and post notes later on what is good and bad about the current site structure.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Techcrunch's Mobile First Crunch Up Streaming Live

Mobile First Crunchup will be live streaming tomorrow at 3PM (CST) on UStream here. Read more about the crunch up here.

Mobile First Crunch up
will focus on the increasingly popular strategy of creating a mobile product first, and a regular Web product second, if ever. Mobile is just a more interesting part of the Web right now for many reasons—iPhone/Android, tablets, location-aware apps, cell phone cameras, GPS.
Mobile First Crunch Up

Given the fact that there are more mobiles than PCs and engagement on Smart Phones is exploding these days, it is getting lot more important and strategic to put Mobile First.