Monday, February 15, 2010

The Story Behind ‘Shall We Play’ Game Scheduling App

Shall-We-Play” was the first application we have ever built on Google App Engine.  While teaching a course called ‘Developing Web Applications’ in June 2008, the concept of this application was thrown to students as a sample project. Then we developed this application on Google App Engine in the next two days while demonstrating the process of developing a web application and put the app into use by the end of that week. The app has been helping to schedule games since then.

I started playing Volleyball with a group (later christened as ‘Force’) some time in May/June 2008.  The group plays twice a week and primarily used email to poll members of the group in order to schedule a game. So, each member could expect at least 8-10 emails for each game and one member that coordinates would count those email responses to decide whether to play a game or not. The group felt comfortable to have at least 7 members to play a game.

So key motivation was to help the group schedule a game with as fewer emails as possible and let the application co-ordinate and decide automatically without any intervention. 

The application uses 2 emails, one to request confirmation of each player and another email to convey the decision.




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Friday, February 5, 2010

.NET Daily : Custom Digital News Paper

With feedback received on custom digital news paper we created earlier on Cloud Computing called “On The Cloud”,  We have created another custom Digital News Paper on .NET Technologies, thanks to NewsCred. Now it is easy to stay on top of news around all .NET Technologies at one place.

The News Paper is called “.NET Daily”  ( and currently aggregates news on the following topics:


What other topics you would like to stay in touch with?