Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Unleash Your Career 2010, Now At Supercool School on 10th April 2010

Have you ever got curious what is Microsoft .NET is all about? Are you looking to jump start your career in IT? Or Are you already in IT and looking for a break to advance your Career? Or just want to know what is HOT in the Job market today?

Come, Join us at INSPIONS University, now a Supercool School to Unleash Your Career, by exploring various opportunities in the Market place and to carve out a blue print to achieve your dreams.

"Unleash Your Career" is our Annual premier event where Dreams come true for IT Professionals. In this .NET Edition Explore and Discover various Career Opportunities around Microsoft .NET Technologies. Learn about Technologies, Job Markets and what skills Businesses are looking for. And leave with a blue print on how to achieve your Career aspirations with Microsoft .NET Technologies.

Ask YOUR own questions. Also get answers to questions like

  • How is job Market today? Where? What? and How?
  • I am just a student. What is the best way to approach the Job Market?
  • I already work on xxxx. Why should I switch to .NET?
  • I already work on xxxx. How can I switch to .NET technologies?
  • .NET 1.1/2.0/3.5 and now 4.0? How can I keep up?
  • Should I learn C# or VB?
  • ASP.NET, WPF or Silverlight? What pays more?
  • NUnit or xUnit? What is HOT in the market?
  • Is AJAX still relevant in the market?
  • I heard a lot about Sharepoint. What it takes to master it?
  • What is the best paid Technology today?
  • I want to become an Architect? How do I go about it?
  • SQL or Oracle? What gets a better job?

and a whole lot more.

Join Us Online On Saturday, 10th April, 2010 at 11AM. Its FREE.

Reserve Your Seat Now

By registering at INSPIONS University you can access all upcoming seminars, tutorials and .NET sessions LIVE as well as on demand.

See you there.

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