Friday, May 13, 2011

AppHarbor : Developing .NET Apps Could Be Fun Again

How much time it will take for you to type “git push appharbor master” on Git Bash console?  Let us say, 5 seconds. Great, that’s all it takes to bring your well baked code to your waiting customers, fully tested. Push your code to AppHarbor and the rest is magic (well, almost). The Application is built, tested, deployed and live in a few moments. Wow !

Git + CI +  Azure = App Harbor, an awesome, unbelievable .NET Platform on the cloud.


I wish AppHarbor is 10 years old. Just stumbled upon AppHarbor yesterday while on Twitter and within a few minutes (say 5 at the most), have the first Hello World kind of ASP.NET MVC app created and deployed with membership database fully configured.

More as we explore further.

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