Saturday, April 30, 2011

Launch of Agile Project Collaboration Application

We have been using a variety of 3rd Party Applications to collaborate and manage Agile Projects. While those applications are great, some of our customers have been requesting for a much simpler and elegant application.  Something that is as simple as Basecamp from 37signals but support Agile methodology at its core.

Well, here we are. Today we are launching ‘Agile @ INSPIONS’, the first version of the Agile Project Collaboration Platform that keeps things as simple as they can be, and support the Agile methodology. 


The application currently supports the complete Agile workflow with releases, sprints and tasks in a brutally simpler way.  And rather than producing flashy dashboards with charts and visualizations, the dashboard is totally humanely conversational.

We have migrated all your projects to the new application. An email is on its way with the announcement and few more details to get you started with the application. 

We sincerely hope, you will love this application.  Or, we kick start the next iteration in the next moment and go on until we get it right.  That’s just us.

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