Friday, July 2, 2010

Embedded Database For ASP.NET Applications

Scott Guthrie announced a couple of days back that Microsoft is going to roll out SQL Server Compact Edition 4, that can be embedded in to ASP.NET Web Applications.

SQL Server Compact Edition is a light weight, toned down version of SQL Server. For instance, compact edition does not support stored procedures. And the size of the database is limited to 4GB, but good enough for a majority of small business applications.

While current SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 can be embedded into client applications, 3.5 can not run on Web servers.

This is a great news for many small web applications that power small businesses and hobbyists as there is no need to purchase SQL server subscription on hosts any more.

Another important aspect is that with edition SQL Server Compact Edition 4, there is no need to install anything. It is possible to just include the binaries as part of the distribution.

This is really wonderful news.

Read more about the announcement and details at Scott Gu’s blog.

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